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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RKK Infosystems LLC.?

RKK Infosystems LLC. is an online technical support firm, which provides online remote support for home and small businesses at an affordable price with excellent service. Our technical experts are well experienced and they deal with all kind of software issues on daily basis.

What type of services does RKK Infosystems LLC. offer?

We provide online remote, chat, e-mail and phone technical support to the customers directly. We provide technical support for all kind of software issues that may arise in your computer -small or big. All you need to do is, just trust us and call at 1-866-484-6333 .

Are you 24*7 available?

Yes, we are working 24*7 to provide you with cutting edge support. As all the technicians at Rkkinfo work day and nigth to provide you with premium technical support for your computer.

Do you provide hardware replacement or onsite service?

NO, we do not provide any kind of hardware replacement or onsite service support.

Why should I choose RKK Infosystems LLC.?

RKK Infosystems LLC. offers you quality troubleshooting solutions in the shortest possible time, and that too at nominal cost.

What kind of computer support services can I expect from RKK Infosystems LLC.?

RKK Infosystems LLC. provides numerous services for your PCs. From installation of software to network troubleshooting, from performance tuning to virus detection and removal, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions in a connected world.

How could regular servicing help?

RKK Infosystems LLC. believes in taking advanced forestalling measures and recommends regular check up of PCs/Laptops for maximizing performance, and screening against security threats.

Are the Services Guaranteed?

All the services at RKK Infosystems LLC. are guaranteed. The customer has all the rights to call back rkkinfo.com and reopen a ticket within 7 days. The customer can raise a refund request within 5 days if the problem is not solved after reopening a ticket. Please note that our senior computer tech support engineer will do a fundamental check to validate the refund claim.

What do I need to get remote support access?

You can avail our support if you are at the computer and has a broadband Internet connection.

Am I secured while using RKK Infosystems LLC. services?

Absolutely, RKK Infosystems LLC. is the best and the safest mode of getting instant helps and support. Our technician can access your computer screen only after with permission, and if you feel uncomfortable , you can simply disconnect / close the session in one click.

What do you do with my personal information?

RKK Infosystems LLC. respects your rights and understands the importance for suitable protection and privacy of your information. For further details, please visit our privacy policies page.

How long will it take to fix my computer related issues?

Our Average Handling Time is only 20 to 45 minutes. Still average time to resolve a problem depends upon different factors such as

  • 1. Internet connection speed at your side
  • 2. Performance of your computer
  • 3. Nature of the problem


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